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The plague of religion
Why religion is evil and ridiculous. Why it should disappear and why it will.
Religious beliefs deserve no respect (5) 
4th-Jul-2010 09:07 pm
Angel light
Some people seem to think that we should respect religion. That we should live together in peace.

This is a mistake.

You shouldn't try to live together with immorality. You shouldn't esteem lies. You shouldn't respect a depraved system. You shouldn't tolerate an authoritarian, nonsensical way of thinking that has caused wars and genocide, that has killed and tortured people for no good reason and continues to do so.

You can't reason with cancer. You can only feel sorry for the afflicted.

You can't compromise with evil.

Neville Chamberlain, prime minister of Great Britain, tried to do just that in 1938. He made a pact with Adolf Hitler, called the Munich Agreement. In it Hitler promised, amongst many other things, to not attack Poland.

The agreement made Neville Chamberlain the most popular man in Great Britain. Most people thought he was a wise, sensible and tolerant man.

Winston Churchill on the other hand doubted the sincerity of the Nazi dictator and warned that he wasn't to be trusted. He said Nazism was an evil system, that it could only lead to war and that Great Britain should prepare for that. Most people thought he was a ridiculous, old fool and a dangerous warmonger. They mocked him.

In 1939 Hitler invaded Poland.

Chamberlain had been wrong. Churchill was right.

You may call me a radical atheist. You may call me a fanatic.

I call you Neville, if you think we can live together in peace with the evil that is religion.

Ultimately, religion won't let us.
13th-Jul-2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
I tolerate religious people to some varying degree, but sometimes things they do that shouldn't be tolerated are. Such as various theocratic inspired laws (fortunately they are rather few in number in the US but still terrifying there's any at all).

It makes me sad when I see how religion can make some depressed people happy. I want them to be happy, but it doesn't have to be due to religion. If religion being necessary for happiness wasn't something we were socially programmed to see as "normal" this wouldn't be such an outbreak of an issue.
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